Friday 19/04/1442 - 04/12/2020

Department of Security


Management Profile:

The definition of security and safety administration.

Security and safety  administration is one of the most important administrations in the university because of its many tasks in the maintenance of facilities, buildings and property of the university, also ensuring the safety of persons  inside the university, as well as to raise the level of discipline and to ensure the functioning of the educational revival.

The administration undertakes the responsibility of safety and ensures the availability of safety means in the facilities of the university.

This is through a group of services, which are:

Follow-up to guards, and distribute them to the university facilities.

The supervision of traffic inside the campus and follow-up violators with the system.

Preparation of comprehensive daily security reports for the university.

Make sure of safety procedures inside the facilities of the university.

Checking the identity of individuals at the main entrances of the university.

Preparation of access cards for the cars of the university employees, and parents of female students.