Wednesday 10/04/1442 - 25/11/2020

Department of Security


Departments and Services:

The administration consists of the following departments:

Department of Security - Department of Safety – department of security - Department of cards - Department of safety and security of students.

First:  How to get the university card.

1.     Copy of ID card.

2.     Copy of course schedule contains data of the undergraduate student or certification form the Deanship of Admission and Registration or student ID.

3.     A color photo of the student.

Second: How to get the permit (Alasticr).

1.      A copy of the car form that the car only is in his name or his father's.

2.      A copy of the university card.

3.      Authorization if the car is on the installment system.

Third: How to get a permit with special needs:

1.Get a card to prove the case.

2.     A copy of the university card.

Fourth: The student who has a medical report must adopt it from the administration of medical services at the university so that he can enter from gate (1).

Fifth: student gates:

1.    Gate (2) in the opposite of Alblad bank.

2.    Gate (3) in the opposite of the General Presidency for Girls Education.

3.    Gate (6) dedicated to the students of the Faculty of Medicine.

4.    Gate (7) stadium road, in the opposite of the building of Department of Public Prosecutions.