Friday 19/04/1442 - 04/12/2020

International Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange Administration


 Scientific Chair Unit

This unit is in charge of the following:
1. Follow-up of the University's scientific chairs affairs. This includes, documenting and record keeping their records, and coordinating with the concerned bodies inside and outside the Administration; in addition to offering needed support for those in charge to run the chairs, implement their programs, and achieve their objectives. 

2. Preparing studies, offering proposals, and providing supportive information necessary for the fulfillment of the Administration mission to attract needed financial support, establishing new scientific chairs, as well as   enhancing and developing the existing scientific chairs. 

3. Coordinating activities with the secretariat of the University's main scientific chairs committee.

4. Addressing forwarded topics related to scientific and offering views and necessary recommendations. 

5. Keeping bylaws and regulations of scientific chairs, updating their data, and facilitating concerned parties' accessibility within and outside the Administration. 

6. Offering developmental proposals that ensure continuous development of the scientific chair programs. 

7. Preparing the Unit's annual report.