Wednesday 10/04/1442 - 25/11/2020

International Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange Administration


University Endowment Fund Unit

This unit is in charge of the following:

  • Supervise and follow up the affairs of the University Endowment Fund, document and keep their records in KECA's administration ,and coordinate with concerned parties inside and outside the administration to offer the needed support for the fund to facilitate its tasks and achieve its objectives.
  • Act as a link between  KECA's administration and the administrative units of the council of the University Endowment Fund, and coordinate and use the necessary measures to facilitate the administration's and the fund 's duties in implementing the university's plans and objectives related to the fund.
  • Prepare studies, offer proposals and search for necessary data to support the mission of the administration in attracting more contribution to the University Endowment Fund.
  • Keep the bylaws and regulations of the University Endowment Fund  and make them accessible to the fund's officials and other interested parties.
  • Address business matters and subjects forwarded to the unit related to the University Endowment Fund and present the necessary views and recommendations about them.
  • Update the University's Endowment Fund data and make them accessible to  concerned people and parties inside and outside the administration.
  • Prepare the annual report of the unit.