Wednesday 10/04/1442 - 25/11/2020

General Administration of Legal Affairs



The General Administration of Legal Affairs is directly affiliated to the university rector. Its major role is to provide advice and consultation for all bodies and administrations in the university to ensure that the regulations, laws and instructions are being legally implemented. Moreover, Legal Administration has the role to review all contracts and agreements done by the university and other bodies, individuals and institutions. Also, it has the responsibility of investigating the violations attributed to the faculty members, employees and students, in addition to representing the university before the competent authorities such as Administrative Courts, Ombudsman bureau and Labor Office regarding the cases that brought against the university. It also carries out the responsibility of examining and reviewing the minutes of colleges’ councils, deanships, the scientific council and various committees at the university, as well as preparing and reviewing the administrative decisions and many other works entrusted to it.

The Legal Administration includes a number of specialized consultants in the field of legal affairs in order to fulfill the tasks entrusted to it, in accordance with the followed regulations and rules. It also includes a number of administrative staff to fulfill the administrative tasks. 

Foundation of the Legal Administration

In 28/7/1395H, the royal decree N. H/67 was issued announcing the approval to the establishment of King Faisal University, where there was an advisory board affiliated with the office of the university rector for providing legal consultations and advices regarding any cases and issues referred to it. As the organizational structure of the university began to develop and expand, the legal administration was formed, and the name of (Legal Administration) has been introduced within the administrative structures of the university, starting from the university budget of the fiscal year 1043/1404H. 

Directors of the Legal Administration:

Successors to the post of Director of the Legal Administration:

  1. His Excellency/ Ibrahim bin Mohammad Hussein Ibrahim.

  2. His Excellency/ Ibrahim bin Suleiman al-Rasheed.

  3. His Excellency/ Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sabkha.

  4. His Excellency/ Hassan bin Jabber al-Qaddi.

  5. His Excellency/ Abdullah bin Ibrahim al-Mubarak.

  6. His Excellency/ Dr. Ahmad bin Mohammad al-Shuaibi, he was a supervisor on the Legal Administration.

  7. His Excellency/ Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sabkha, the current Legal Administration General Director.