Wednesday 10/04/1442 - 25/11/2020

Industrial Relations and Technology Transfer Unit


1- Executing the plans, programs, and budget for the activities of the unit after its approval.
2- Trade university products and their patents.
3- Commercialize university inventions to intended companies and institution
4- Maximize benefit of patents owned or developed by the university.
5- Coordination with the relevant authorities in obtaining intellectual property licenses.
6- Connecting business seeker and industrial companies and research centers with researchers and innovators from the university.
7- Create a database that includes universities and international research centers who have innovation and technology transfer units.
8- After authority approval, hold partnerships and agreements with the industrial sector.
9- Work side by side with the university innovation system and excellence to serve innovators.
10- Determine the unit's needs for manpower, equipment and materials and follow up on their provision.
11- Determine the training needs of the unit's employees and coordinate with the intended deanship to nominate them for appropriate training programs.
12- Preparing periodic reports on the unit's activities, achievements, and development.
Any other related task within the unit scope.