Friday 19/04/1442 - 04/12/2020

International Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange Administration


 Intellectual Property Unit

This unit is concerned with the following:

1. Preparing relevant guides to familiarize staff members and researchers with the procedures for local and international patents registration.

2. Observing and documenting the University intellectual property rights and ensuring that the local and international regulations are adhered to.

3. Providing assistant to the university staff members and researchers with regard to registering their patents and follow-up with local, regional, and international registering organizations. 

4. Preparing forms, brochures, and bulletins about intellectual property and patents, and disseminating them in the university.

5. Studying, evaluating, and offering recommendations for the submitted programs proposals, activities, innovations introduced by different parties to be implemented by the University exchange programs

6. Submitting developmental proposals for excellence in all unit activities and programs.

7. Preparing the unit's annual report.